I offer healing, spiritual guidance and teach meditation. Key principles for me are: Purity * Mastery * Wisdom * Love. 

Or another way to put it:  I am all about Mastering Energy & Mastering Consciousness.

I had a deep enlightenment experience in 2015. The lessons I have learned form this resulted in my book "Emptiness and Bliss". 

I am a breatharian,  living on prana to reach higher levels of purity. This has resulted in a deep connection to source and a permanent stillness within.

Tummo Meditation

This is a 10 week online course, next Group Program start in May. Now also available as self Study program.

Tummo is the ultimate meditation technique, this is the secret technique that Tibetan monks use to reach full enlightenment in this lifetime.

With Tummo you will learn to master your energy, generate the Bliss of Inner Fire, purify your energy and Transform your Consicousness.

Merkaba meditation

In this meditation you work with Sacred Geometry (a double pyramid) to create an amazing energy field  around you.

Benefits from the Merkaba meditation are:

- you will connect strongly to your Soul and to Source

- you will connect to the Earth, be grounded and feel more safe 

- your energy balance will shift from the Solar Plexus to your Heart Chakra

- you will activate Prana breathing, taking in more life force energy

- you will activate your Merkaba lightbody, which is huge:18 meters accross!

- your Merkaba always protects you, balances you and raises your frequency

- you will accelerate your spiritual development

Personal Healing

This is offered online though a video call. I have the ability to "step into" your energy field and feel exactly what is going on inside you. I am then guided to do whatever is needed. Often this involves:

- Connecting you to your pure soul energy

- Removing blocks and traumas

- Rebalancing your chakras and energy field. 

Living on Prana


In 2022 I hope to offer a Prana retreat in the UK for people that want to embark on the transformation to live on Prana. Contact me for more info.

Emptiness and Bliss


In my book "Emptiness and Bliss" I describe my Enlightenment experience. I had the unique experience of feeling what happens energetically when you get enlightened. This gives a whole new insight in how to get there. In the book I describe the five core principles of spiritual growth.

It is available on Amazon. Click on the link (or the image on the left) to buy it.