Merkaba Meditation online course

Activate your Merkaba lightbody and raise your frequency with this amazing technique based on Sacred Geometry, Mudras, Prana breathing and more

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Clear Step by Step instructions

Anyone can learn this , whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced meditator. 

* Explained in 21 videos

* MP3 download with the guided meditation

* A personal session with Stef to ask questions and address any issues  


Advanced merkaba techniques

* Program your Merkaba to accelerate the Law of Attraction.

* Space clearing with an External Merkaba

* the secret Triple Merkaba technique to experience Christ Consciousness

Build your own Star Tetrahedron

Some people sell pyramid systems for £2000.

I will show you step by step how to build your own Star Tetrahedron for just £10. This is much more powerful than a "normal" pyramid! 

Benefits from the Merkaba meditation:


- you will connect strongly to your Soul and to Source

- you will connect to the Earth, be grounded and feel more safe 

- your energy balance will shift from the Solar Plexus to your Heart Chakra

- you will activate Prana breathing, taking in more life force energy

- you will activate your Merkaba lightbody, which is huge:18 meters accross!

- your Merkaba always protects you, balances you and raises your frequency

- you will accelerate your spiritual development



Course Outline:



- what is the Merkaba

- Sacred Geometry

- overview of the Merkaba meditation

Phase 1: Cleansing and Balancing

- explained step by step in 8 videoas

Phase 2: Prana breathing

- explained in 2 videos

Phase 3: Merkaba activation

- explained in 3 videos

Advanced techniques

- Programming your merkaba

- External merkaba

- triple Merkaba

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